August 2020

uvex perfexxion

Select & Match at work. This robust collection impresses not only with its selection of colours and its diverse equipment details: Depending on requirements, the different tops and trousers can be freely combined and colourfully mixed.

June 2020

suXXeed construction

Withstanding the tough conditions of occupational safety and health on the construction site. The Construction Series in the colours high-vis yellow and high-vis orange ensures increased visibility even in poor lighting conditions and additionally protects against UV rays and heat.

November 2019

uvex 1 G2

The future is full of energy with the pioneering uvex 1 G2 safety shoes, covering protection class S1 and S2.

November 2019

uvex 1 business

Do you need to head straight from the meeting room to the production line? uvex’s new line of safety shoes brings together three classic looks from the fashion world: Derby shoes, desert boots and Chelsea boots.

November 2019

uvex forestry

The right solution for every forest worker's need

uvex 2 xenova safety shoes

August 2019

uvex 2 xenova

Allround safety shoes for almos any situation – indoor and outdoor

Workwear without compromise — at work and at play.

June 2019

uvex suXXeed

This workwear has it all: carefully considered functionality, a sporty design, exciting colour contrasts, unusual material combinations and a cut that fits like a glove

stay visible, stay safe with self-illuminating protective equipment

April 2019

uvex protection active flash

Safety through active lighting – with led light guide system from OSRAM®

July 2020

PPE in summer

Prepare yourself for the coming months with our selection of PPE designed with summer in mind. Reliable UV protection and our range of breathable PPE will help keep your hands and feet cool and your mind on the job.

June 2020

suXXeed ESD

Antistatic protective clothing that effectively protects sensitive electronic parts from damage while providing the best possible comfort, durability and protection.

November 2019

uvex UV400

100% protection against UVB and UVA radiation

November 2019

Boa™️ Fit System  

Delivering fit solutions purpose-built for performance, the Boa® Fit System is featured in products across many industries – and now in a range of uvex safety shoes and boots!

November 2019

uvex megasonic

Let's you see things different – thanks to a revolutionary new lens design even under the harshest circumstances

uvex 2 trend – flexible, stylish, safe

July 2019

uvex 2 trend

Safety and comfort redefined – add a splash of colour to your feet and your day!

reliable breathing safety with a extra-comfortable respirator

March 2019

uvex silv-Air premium

Comfort with every breath – with a rigid respirator that is extremely comfortable to wear

the new uvex CBR65 tint

March 2018

uvex CBR65

Focus on fatigue-free, relaxed vision – thanks to our new tint with 65% transmission that enables high-contrast vision and protects against harmful blue light

June 2020

suXXeed Basic

The basic collectionen focuses on functionality, comfort and the freedom of movement you need to do your work in a simple, goodlooking yet casual look.

uvex pheos faceguard

November 2019

uvex pheos faceguard

Innovative face protection with an extra-reliable polycarbonate visor

November 2019

uvex i-5

Adjustment to deliver the perfect protection – the safety spectacles that fit every face!

October 2019

uvex phynomic airLite

The lightest safety gloves in their class come with a noticeable difference in wearer comfort – and: they protect your hands with the fifth sense, offering touchscreen compatibility and ESD function.

uvex 1 sport – trendy, fashionable, sporty

February 2019

uvex 1 sport

Designed for individuals – metal-free safety shoes for the entire day

uvex 2 – pushing the limits

October 2017

uvex 2

This safety shoe is up for any challenge and superior in all disciplines – it pushes the limits in protection classes S2, S1 P and S3

uvex c5 and d500 cut-protection safety gloves

February 2018

cut-resistant uvex gloves

Uncompromisingly robust without loss of comfort: the perfect combination of tactile feel and cut protection

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